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When it comes to Christian Pulisic, the word “the most” can be used in every sentence. From all the memorable events in his short career, you can make a long list. Christian is the youngest scorer of a goal in the history of the USA national team (17 years, 253 days) and the youngest American who scored a goal in the qualifying match of the World Cup (17 years and 349 days). Finally, the youngest player was recognized as a football player of the year in the USA (19 years 2 months and 26 days), so he surpassed the previous record of Landon Donovan. In Germany he plays for Dortmund “Borussia”. He is called “the pearl” of the American soccer by German journalists.


Extreme midfielder of Borussia Dortmund, Christian Pulisic won the title of the best football player of the USA in 2017, gaining 94% of the votes with the participation of active players of the country's three strongest leagues - MLS, NASL, USL, as well as coaches and veterans of the American football. He has bypassed such highly experienced rivals as Josie Altidor FC Toronto forward (winner of the 2016 season trophy), captain of the first Canadian SFS champion Michael Bradley and the Seattle Sounders Cup finalists of attacking midfielder Clint Dempsey, and forward Jordan Morris.


Christian himself admitted, that, despite the fact that he received a prestigious individual award, he could not record this year as an asset: ‘We have let down all our fans’. Pulisic accepted this failure as a personal tragedy. After a lost match, the team of Trinidad and Tobago (1: 2), when it was enough for the Americans to take at least a point, he cried like a child and could not be reassured for a long time. And although Christian scored this goal (when the score was 0: 2), this did not save the Bruce Arena team from disaster.

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